Stay connected with the 3 world-class platforms

Cloudwalker® is an ever-evolving smart home integration platform. Aiming to offer progressive smart home services for everyone, Cloudwalker® is widely compatible with Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based virtual assistant which allows users to instantly control various devices and smart home technology by using voice commands.

Google Assistant

Google assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant which allows users to manipulate smart control and perform a variety of tasks merely by vocal commands.

Develop Products

Smart home lifestyle through CloudWalker® products provides an easy and secure way to control your home's lights, thermostats, and more. Control your connected home products, simply by using your voice or through your mobile device.

Smart Lighting Bulb

Wi-Fi enabled smart LED light bulb

Work with Alexa and google assistants directly

Supported E26/E27 light bulb

Intelligent Control Panel

Wi-Fi enabled smart Light Switch

Work with Alexa and google assistants directly

Monitor power consumption

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Control connected home appliances using voice commands directly

Monitor power consumption

Set schedules and timers

Remotely turn on/off

IoT Platform

In simple words the purpose of any IoT device is to connect with other IoT devices and applications (cloud-based mostly) to relay information using internet transfer protocols.

CloudWalker® provides end-to-end IoT platform for the next generation products and services. It is known for providing complete security to your products, which often is neglected. In addition, CloudWalker® provide a fast and open platform that is responsible for developing and managing of your products.

About CloudWalker

Cloud Walker is a global IoT platform and the voice AI interactive platform in the world. We enables products smarter for consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains. Also, we provides users with a one-stop AI IoT solution that covers hardware access, cloud services and APP software development, forming a service closed-loop of AI + manufacturing.


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